Today feels like a good day to start... a blog.

Hi friends, Hilary here. If you're anything like me, you may have a million ideas running through your head every day of what you could do with your life. Does the process of "just" starting totally overwhelm you?

What if you started today? Like right now. 

What if you started your health journey right this second? What if you started a business tonight after you got home from your desk job? What if you said no to one thing in an effort to start creating boundaries to protect your peace?

What would it take to just START? 

More importantly, how will it feel after you start? 

Making the decision to start is like planting a seed in the ground. Flowers don't grow without a seed. You have got to start somewhere

I don't know about you, but when I grab my Stanley and chug some water instead of cracking open *yet another* can of Diet Pepsi, I feel proud of myself. Drinking water is the very first, most basic step I can do to start taking care of my body. So easy, yet so hard. 

I recently met with a friend who had a million business ideas swirling in her head. We focused on one and got her to start by buying a url for her website. The seed was officially planted. Before she knew it, literally within a day, there were leads coming her way for a business she had just started the night before. 


  • Write down one thing that you want to start doing. (Literally anything. Folding laundry as it comes out of the dryer, running a marathon, communicating better with your partner... anything.) 
  • Write down all the reasons why you haven't started doing it yet. What is holding you back? Who is holding you back? What is overwhelming you? What is your mindset around it? Try your best to identify all roadblocks. 
  • What's the ONE THING you can do for the next 30 days in order to lead you to achieving that goal? 

Click here to download free habit trackers or a 2024 bucket list to help get you kickstarted on those goals!

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